So very very long story short. We were in Kentucky with friends for an off road event and camping. We took a hike, made a wrong turn and came across a guy who confirmed we were going in the wrong direction. This man was 71, he was hiking alone and planned to camp for the evening. We turn around part ways. As we walk away Sprocket stops dead, frozen pointing the other direction. Mind you this is bear country, draw my gun and tell my friends to be quiet. No bear, it was the man yelling for help. He fell 8’ into a stream bed and broke his ankle very bad. Some stayed with him as we had supplies and my friend was a marine. Sprocket an I along with another friend hiked 3.5 miles back to service. I can go into much more detail. But if he didn’t hear him, he would of died in that creek of hypothermia. Here’s some pics of the weekend.